Hidden beneath the masquerade where humans do not peer, faeries and fiction live and love. Merril and Browne are two such fae, enjoying each other’s company amongst the waves of Mitherscove.

Browne is a house spirit known as a Brownie (obviously not one borne of particularly creative parents), having fled to Mitherscove following An Incident.

By Brownie standards, he’s a hardcore rebel, spitting in the face of centuries of Hobbish tradition.

By our standards, he’s a neurotic mess.

Merril is a seal!

She lives in the Ocean!

She loves to sleep and eat fish!

shallowskin is written and illustrated by I.S. Everett, a Ringling graduate whose previous work includes Poppy O’Possum.
They can be contacted at morbi@poppy-opossum.com